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Popcorn Fundraiser

Pack 59 Fundraisers

Pack 59’s fundraiser this year is selling popcorn. This fundraiser is coordinated through the Alamo Area Council, and usually runs from mid-September to mid-November.  Scouts have many options on how to sell — from “show & sells”, to “take-orders”, to on-line sales.

About The Popcorn Fundraiser

How the Fundraiser benefits the PackThe pack relies on this fundraiser for its annual operating budget (beyond the Scout fees). We use the money collected to pay for campouts, reduce out-of-pocket costs for Pack Meeting events, provide supplies for events, and to pay for badges and awards.  The Pack also sets aside a significant portion of the profits for “scouterships”, which benefit needy scouts in our own pack. 

How the Fundraiser benefits the Scout

A Cub Scout earns credits for each popcorn product he sells. These credits are applied toward the cost of Pack events he attends – such as campouts, etc. The amount of popcorn he sells may qualify him for additional prizes, too, directly from Trails-End.  There are gift cards, prizes and even College scholarships, all based on the quantity sold. 

How the Fundraiser benefits the Council

A portion of the Popcorn sales go directly to the Alamo Area Council. The Council uses these funds for their annual operating budget, just as the pack does.  The Council directly supports the Pack by providing “paperwork” support (registrations, advancements, recruiting), running the council campsites, and Council-sponsored events.   The Popcorn KernelThe Popcorn Kernel position is very important to the Pack. This person organizes the popcorn fundraiser and works closely with the Alamo Area Council and Pack 59. Brian Schick, of Den 6 Leader, has kindly volunteered to act as our Popcorn Kernel this year.  He does need help, though.  We all must pitch in and do our part to help Brian and the Pack during this year’s fundraiser. 

Fundraising Methods

Show & Sell

The show & sell is direct selling with the product. The Popcorn Kernel has worked with local businesses to get approval for Pack 59 to sell popcorn at their establishment during specific dates and times. The Scouts setup a table at the business, and have the popcorn there, ready for impulse buying (booth/cash & carry).  Show & Sells not only are great for impulse buyers, but helps the Scouts interact with Adults (a method of Scouting) & puts Scouting out in the community.  It’s usually a fun time for the boys!  The Den Leaders will sign their dens up for specific dates and times at approved locations.  The sales will be split evenly between the boys attending the show & sell for purposes of prizes and popcorn credits.  All Cub Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms when selling popcorn. At least one Leader and one other adult must be present at each selling location. 

Door to Door

Scouts bring products with them as they sell door-to-door (i.e. the “little red wagon” method). Each den is given a supply of popcorn that can be used for show & sells or door-to-door selling. All Pack 59 Dens will participate in our annual Popcorn Blitz scheduled for September 18th at 2pm starting from Alamo Heights United Methodist Church.  The cubs collect the money as they sell. All checks should be made out to “Cub Scout Pack 59”.  All Cub Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms when selling popcorn. The Scouts will be accompanied by their Den parents for our Popcorn Blitz.  

Take Orders

Orders are taken on an order form, and, after the form and money is turned in, popcorn is ordered for Scouts to deliver at a later time.  This method may be used after the Popcorn Blitz.  The order form is also great for parents who want to bring the form into their workplace for added sales. You may collect the money as you take-orders, or you can collect the money when you deliver the products,  However, we recommend taking money up front, as you are responsible for paying for your order when turning in the form.  All checks should be made out to “Cub Scout Pack 59”.All Cub Scouts should wear their Class A uniforms when selling popcorn. Scouts should be accompanied by an adult when selling door-to-door.

Online Sales

Scouts expand their customer base when they sell online. By sending emails to friends and family who live far away, Scouts reach customers who they otherwise would not be able to sell to. Selling online also eliminates time-consuming deliveries.  Scouts set up their own account on  All online sales go to the pack and council in the Scout’s name, and Trail’s End ships the product directly to the consumer.
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