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Scout Dues

Paying Cub Scout Membership Fees online is easy!  
Follow these instructions for quick, secure, online payment options: 
  1. Use the drop down box below to indicate the number of Members you are renewing
  2. Add the “Member Name(s)” you are paying for in the text box (separate multiple names with a comma).
  3. Click on the “Add to Cart” button (this will take you to your PayPal cart).
  4. To add another Member, select “Continue Shopping” from the top right corner of the screen and follow from Step 1 above.
  5. To pay using your PayPal Account, select Pay via PayPal, enter your login name and password and click on “Log In” to make your payment
  6. To pay using a Debit or Credit Card, click on “Don’t Have a PayPal Account?” to make your payment
    If you have any questions or need assistance, please send an email to Thelma Padilla; at 

Membership Type
Member Name(s)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did Annual Membership Fees go up?  Pack 59’s annual membership fees for 2018 and beyond have increased by $9 to $94 for scouts and $33 for adults as a result the BSA imposing a $9 increase nationally on all scouting programs.  See article here for more details.

Why are we having to pay again so soon?  Scouting programs (like Pack 59) are required to renew their memberships (Charters) with the Boy Scouts of America annually.  Annual Charters run from Jan 1 through Dec 31 and include member renewals, verification of BSA leadership training for our Pack, and Charter Organizations renewed commitments to the BSA program (for Pack 59, this is Alamo Heights United Methodist Church).  If you joined after Jan 1, 2017, you were charged a prorated membership fee of 1/12 of $85 for each month remaining in 2017.  We are collecting 2018 annual membership fees in the month of November.

What happens if I cannot afford the membership fee?  Please contact your Den Leader directly if you would like to discuss options to assist scouts with their fees.  All inquiries are handled confidentially.

Do I have to use PayPal to renew my membership?  No, you may write a check payable to “Cub Scouts Pack 59” and provide it to your Den Leader.                               

What happens if we don’t renew our Scout’s membership?  If you plan to take a break from the program or decide it is best not to continue, please notify your Den Leader or Alyssa Fitz at Recharter Chair prior to the deadline.  

What does my membership fee cover?  Your membership fee covers the core expenses needed for your Cub Scout to participate in the Boy Scouts of America program for a year.  These expenses include:

  • Boy Scouts of America annual dues and Boys Life magazine
  • Achievements and awards – belt loops, patches, and cards
  • Items for annual rank – Neckerchief, slide, and book

How do I benefit from Fundraisers?  The Pack uses money earned from our annual Popcorn sales fundraiser to cover expenses related to Pack program activities such as camping fees, pinewood derby car kits, and rain gutter regatta boat kits.   It also covers food, beverages and supplies for events such as our back-to-school pool party, arrow of light ceremony, and blue & gold banquet.

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